Title and Escrow Services

Complete Title Insurance

RTS Title & Escrow will conduct a complete and thorough title search and provide you with a detailed property report including the most current deed of record, open mortgages, judgments and liens, real estate tax information and the legal description of the property. Once the property ownership has been verified and associated risks have been analyzed, you will be issued a title insurance commitment.

We also offer the ALTA Short Form Policy. The Short Form policy is a condensed version of the standard title policy used to help lenders save time and money.

Title Search

A title search is a detailed examination of records concerning a specific property. These records include deeds, mortgages, court records, property and name indexes, federal or state tax liens, special assessments and many other documents. The purpose of the search is to verify the property owner's right to sell or finance the property and to discover any claims or defects to the property. A title search by itself is not a title policy but it is a tool used during the title commitment process to assess a property’s associated risk.

Full Escrow Services

RTS Title & Escrow provides experienced escrow agents knowledgeable in title insurance, real estate procedures and relevant tax codes. Our escrow agents act as disinterested third-party working on behalf of both the buyer and seller, helping to smooth out the closing process efficiently and professionally.

Closing Services

Our closing specialists are experts in title insurance, real estate procedures and relevant tax codes. We are available for closings at your convenience – whether at your location or our office. Our experts will guide you through the complex legal documents involved in purchasing your house. And we’re happy to conduct closings after business hours.